The Biggest Question of them all…

In reality, setting up and creating campaigns is dead easy. The hard part is KNOWING WHICH campaigns to create and WHICH KEYWORDS to target. As we are specialists in this area we will do all the science for you and make your PPC campaign affordable.

So that you don’t have to, we take care of the following for you:

  • keyword research
  • campaign monitoring
  • ongoing analysis
  • ongoing reporting
  • available for advice


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Other Frequently Asked Questions

Average Cost Per Lead Per Industry

How much does a lead cost? That’s almost literally the $64,000 question right?

We have gathered stats from various sources to give you an idea of the average cost per lead experienced across different industries.

Special thank you to Surveyanyplace and Wordstream

What PPC do you do?

Our main focus is Facebook first and Google second. We will analyse your budget and target demographic and advise you on where we will spend your budget for maximum effect.

How Do I Pay For My PPC?

We will agree a monthly budget for your PPC Spend and you will deposit with us at least 5 days prior to the end of the month, the PPC spend for the next month, plus our retainer and 10% commission of the spend.

Here is an example.


Depending on the PPC provider, we will deposit the PPC Spend directly to the PPC channel within 24 hours of receipt in preparation for the next months campaign.

How Many Campaigns will you Manage?

In theory we will manage as many campaigns as your budget allows, after all we are on a retainer plus commission so the more you spend the more we earn however we focus on quality rather than quantity. There is no point creating tens or hundreds of campaigns and spreading your budget thin, when we can maintain a strong focus on a smaller array of campaigns.

How Many Keywords WIll You Manage?

Some PPC companies will manage unlimited keywords but in those cases the lead quality is lower whereas we will focus on quality clickthrough and conversion rates. At the end of the day, what matters is not only how many leads you get , but also the cost of the leads generated.

What Happens if I use all My PPC Budget before the end of the Month?

On a daily basis we monitor the spending levels of your PPC Spend and can determine when your funds will run out. If we see that your PPC Budget wont last the month, we will let you know in advance and ask you what you would like to do. You can then either deposit a further amount with us or keep the campaigns paused until the next month or when funds become available.

What if I Dont Spend all My PPC Budget Within a Month?

If you don’t spend all the allocated budget for the PPC within the month, it will be rolled over to the next month or until its depleted. We do not offer any refunds on any unused PPC Budgets.

How Often Do You Provide Reports?

Our PPC period is marked from Monday to Sunday, so we will send you your PPC reports during the monday/tuesday for the previous week.

Why do I need to deposit the PPC Spend with you?

We will take your total PPC Spend and then decide how it will be distributed across the various PPC Providers and the easiest way for us to do that is for you to deposit the total amount with us and then we can distribute accordingly. We do provide you with a PPC Balance report showing the amount you have paid and to which PPC providers its been distributed to.

Who Creates the Landing Pages?

In all cases we will design and host the landing pages for you. We use a specialist landing page service which provides all the tools we need to be able to report back analytics regarding your PPC campaigns. We will not entertain any agreement where we do not have full control over the landing pages.

Can you Guarantee a Certain level of leads?

We work on the reasonable assumption that you can provide us with a suitable budget in order to obtain as many leads as possible. There is no point in requesting 2,000 leads a month at a low cost and expect good results. We focus on quality rather than quantity. There are occasions where we will run a campaign and so luck has it we generate a lot of leads at a low cost and sometimes this is down to a combination of skills ad creation, landing page presentation and dumb luck.

What is Remarketing?

Remarketing, also referred to as retargeting, is an advertising method that allows you to reach individuals who have previously visited your Website, by showing them relevant ads when they’re visiting sites on the Google Display Network. Remarketing can help improve the ROI of PPC campaigns by taking advantage of lost visitors and turning them into customers.


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