We were asked to make a lead generation campaign for one of our UK investment clients who were offering an ISA product to UK residents. The idea was to generate an influx of leads for their telesales team.

We initially created a landing page which faired well but the cost per lead was around €18.50 – €25.00 (still well below the industry average cost per lead) but we felt we could squeeze more so we switched to lead ads and leads dropped down to €10.40 whilst still maintaining the quality.

The Facebook Ad
The lead magnet used was to encourage users to download a free ISA guide giving the little known tips to allow people to increase the value of their

The Landing Page
When we kicked off the campaign we started with a regular landing page which was converting at 7.5% with average cost per lead of €18.50 – €25.00.

The Lead Ad
We found that switching to the lead ad system the conversion rate was between 21% – 27% and the average cost per lead dropped to €10.40.

Final Results
A total of 1,489 leads were generated in total with average overall cost per lead of €16.84.

Campaign Stats
Spend: €25,000
Users Reached: 840,211
Click Throughs: 17759
Click Through Rate: 2.11%
Conversion Rate: 7.28%
Average Cost Per Lead: €16.84
Average Spend per day: €150
Average Leads per day: 9